About me

Cognitive Science Post-doc: fMRI task and resting state – children development / ADHD – ASD

Cogni’junior founder: cognitive science popularization for children

Illustrator: cartoonist and picture books illustrator – scientific conference live-sketching


I am broadly interested in the brain and how nature and nurture shape our personality. It boils down first to the understanding of human development and second to longitudinal changes in individuals. I don’t focus on a specific cognitive domain, preferring the integrated view of all of the cognitive functions. With a half technical – half theoretical background, I develop and apply methods that aim at capturing this complex and integrated view of the brain activity.

Very much interested in possible application to education, reaching out to the public and with a lot of experience with the young public, I try to popularize the scientific knowledge to provide tools to talk about cognitive science to the young public, by following opportunities and collaborating with amazing and motivated people.