OHBM communication committee

The Organization for Human Brain Mapping is a scientific organization that organize a yearly conference, satellite conference and local chapter conference on neuroimaging.

Participating in the conference in the first year of my PhD, I started live-sketching keynote lectures, leading to be featured in a blog post of the OHBM blog. (read the blog post)

The year after, answering a call for member of the OHBM communication committee, I joined the website team (in charge of creating the new OHBM website).

After the release of the website in 2017, the website team became the education team, managing and creating content for the OnDemand service. This service provide recording of the talks from OHBM conferences.

see OHBM OnDemand

In 2019, I also join the Blog team with the aim of providing illustrations, graphical abstract, interviews and writing blog.

See the blog posts:

QA with Michael Breakspear

OHBM 2918, interview with keynote Roshan Cools

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